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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you charge for a consultation?

Initial consultations are always free. At that meeting, we will discuss future fees, costs, and terms of representation.

Why can't I just negotiate with the insurance company myself?

Though it may seem like the more economical option to represent yourself without an attorney, keep in mind that the insurance company knows two things for certain: it's highly unlikely the case will go to court AND even if it does, unrepresented claimants generally do very poorly there. In fact, it's a dream scenario for the claims adjuster to deal with someone without an attorney. There is no pressure, they can settle the case cheaper, and they can tell you almost anything they want knowing you are not likely to be able to do much more than take their word for it. If your case is so small that it's not worth having an experienced attorney, I will let you know. But, in most cases, you will receive far more from your case by having experienced legal counsel in your corner and on your side, especially when the insurance companies know the attorney isn't afraid to take them to court.

What if the person who hit me has no insurance or flees the scene? Am I SOL?

Many cases this office has handled have attained full recovery in cases like this. First, I may be able to locate the other party through my own investigation. Second, even if that person cannot be found, chances are that you or someone in your household has uninsured motorist coverage.

But won't my insurance rates go up?

No. Rates do not increase for claims where you are not at fault. Moreover, you have paid (often for MANY years) for this coverage. It's there for this reason.

How long will my case take?

Our office is paid on success only. It is in our full interest to move your case along as efficiently and expeditiously as we ethically can. On the other hand, the other side (and even sometimes the courts) does NOT have this same motivation. It is nearly impossible to predict how long it might take to get full value for your case, but in an office with personal attention like this one, you will be advised regularly as to upcoming timelines.

Can you settle my case without my consent?

Absolutely not. Our case belongs to YOU. You will get all 35 years of my very experienced advice and counsel as to the risks and possible rewards of our work together. I certainly may strongly encourage you to settle if that is the right decision in my judgment, but the ultimate decision is yours. ALWAYS.

Have you ever been cited for an ethical violation or sued for malpractice?


What is your win percentage?

Honest and ethical attorneys do not keep such statistics or make promises of guaranteed victory or a certain money value to your case. Juries can be fickle and unpredictable and, on rare occasions, facts come up that no one saw when the case was begun. Fortunately, these scenarios are not common.

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4.9 stars | 30 reviews
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